Professional basketball LG, 7 consecutive wins… Kim Joo Seong-ho blocked DB 2 wins in a row

Changwon LG, which ranked second in professional basketball, beat Wonju DB and won 7 consecutive wins.

LG won 82-81 against DB in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league away game held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 17th.

LG, who had two consecutive wins, maintained second place with 18 wins and 12 losses.

LG is on a 7-game winning streak.

LG’s away win rate this season, which is particularly strong in away matches, has risen to 85.7% (12 wins, 2 losses).

DB, which unfortunately failed to report a winning streak after two months, remained in 9th place (12 wins, 19 losses).

Coach Lee Sang-beom stepped down due to poor performance, and acting manager Kim Joo-seong, who inherited the baton, failed to win two consecutive victories at the command tower.

DB had a 19-12 lead in the first quarter, but LG finished the first half with a slight lead of 38-37 thanks to Kim Joon-il, who played for 5 minutes in the second quarter and scored 10 points with a 100% shot success rate.

In the midst of a fierce seesaw game in the second half, DB took the win first.

With about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter, LG Dante Cunningham committed turnovers one after another, and DB made the score 73-69, 4 points with a layup following Lenard Freeman’s exciting dunk and Lee Seon Albano’s solo breakthrough.

However, LG, which was ahead in the last minute concentration, won the victory in the end.

With 1 minute and 25 seconds left, LG pursued 79-81 with Lee Kwan-hee making two free throws.

In the DB attack that followed, Albano’s shot missed, and LG immediately turned it around 82-81 with Jeong Hee-jae scoring 3 points.

With the last 2.6 seconds remaining, DB attempted an attack, Kang Sang-jae’s 3 points turned away from the rim, and LG won a dramatic victory. 헤라카지노

Marey, who scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds, and Joon-Il Kim, who scored 18 points, the most among both teams, shared LG’s victory.

In DB, Albano made a big success with 14 points and 10 assists, but faded in defeat.

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