‘Resurrection Ko Jin-young’ Zeng Yani and Jutanukan surpassed … 1st in season prize money, 22nd in lifetime prize money

It was a shot of resurrection created by sweat and tears. Jin-Young Ko said this was the most important win of her career after her resurgence at the HSBC Women’s World Championships, where she won her second straight title. It must have meant that her time of sluggishness was painful. However, Ko Jin-young, who was trained and reborn through rigorous training, made meaningful progress in various statistics as he won six consecutive seasons and won his 14th overall.

First of all, Ko Jin-young, who won the prize money of $270,000, added $47,079 to the previous tournament, Honda LPGA Thailand, tied for sixth place, and earned a total of $317,079 in the season prize money ranking, narrowly defeating Nellie Corda ($315,835) of the United States. surpassed and rose to number 1.

Even in his lifetime prize money, Ko Jin-young won a total of 10.68 million 535 dollars and rose to 22nd, surpassing two star players that Korean golf fans know very well.

It surpassed Yani Zeng (Taiwan), who dominated the world women’s golf stage for a while, and Eriya Jutanugarn (Thailand), who had been ranked No. 1 in the world for a while. Jutanugarn, who won $10,651,686 in 207 tournaments, is 23rd in her lifetime prize money, and Yani Zeng, who won $10,551,388 in 276 events, is 24th. Ko Jin-young is on an overwhelming prize hunt, earning more than $10 million from just her 88 tournaments. Jin-Young Ko is now targeting Yang Hee-Young with $10,744,561 (21st) and Brooke Henderson (Canada) with $10,839,743 (20th).

Ko Jin-young also scored 35 points in the Player of the Year category, surpassing Lilia Boo (USA) and Henderson, who scored 30 points, to rise to the first place. 카지노사이트

Ko Jin-young, who played in two out of three competitions, also recorded 67.87 strokes in the average at-bats category, rising to second place. Although Natakrita Wongtawirap (Thailand), who ranked first (66.75 strokes), although ranked second, recorded a record after playing only one tournament, Jin-young Ko should be ranked first in average at-bats.

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