SD trade? Choi Ji-man “I feel good to be a reality”…Kim Ha Sung “Synergy effect”

Former major leaguer Kang Jeong-ho revealed a scene of eating with Ji-man Choi (32) and Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) through her recent personal broadcast. At the time of filming, Choi Ji-man belonged to the Pittsburgh Pirates and 메이저사이트 Kim Ha-seong belonged to San Diego. Three former and incumbent big leaguers gathered together to talk about various things related to the Major League (MLB), and Kang Jung-ho, realizing that San Diego was short of designated hitter (DH) resources, said to Choi Ji-man, “Is there a possibility of a (trade)?” said. Choi Ji-man, who heard this, replied jokingly, “There are always many (possibility).”

However, on the 2nd, a few days after the broadcast was released, Choi Ji-man was traded to San Diego, and he actually ate Kim Ha-sung. Choi Ji-man laughed in an interview video released on the 5th (Korean time) by March Caswell, a reporter for Sports 760, a radio station in San Diego, saying, “I talked about it as a joke a week ago, but it felt good to be a reality.” Ha-seong Kim, who was also interviewed, also welcomed, saying, “It was so nice to have a Korean player coming. In the end, it was even more pleasant because the team brought Ji Ji-yi as a trade to win.”

The two players started side by side in the home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 5th. It is the second time in history that a Korean beast has participated in a big league game together. Choi Ji-man wore a Pittsburgh uniform and left his name in Korean MLB history by starting with Bae Ji-hwan against the Cincinnati Reds on April 3.

In San Diego, Kim Ha-sung formed another Korean duo. He said, “(I) is a player who has been in the playoffs every year, and I have that kind of energy. (San Diego) the weather is good and the team is so good, so I think I’ll get close to (the players) soon.” Since we are abroad, we quickly became friends.” 

In response to the question, ‘What did Ha-seong Kim tell you about San Diego?’ Choi Ji-man hinted, “I wish my brother would come because the team and the players are so good. He said a lot that there would be a synergistic effect.” Kim Ha-seong asked, “I hope many fans (support) will make Lee feel that it is because Padres fans like Korean people a lot.”

Both players dream of a ‘fall’ in San Diego. San Diego, which is recording 55-56 as of the 6th, is 4th in the National League West. It is not highly likely to advance to the postseason (PS) as it is 9 games behind the district leader Dodgers. However, they are struggling while recruiting Choi Ji-man through trade. Choi Ji-man said, “I’m looking forward to it because every game is important. I try to win every game.”

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