Seongnam, 2023 season captain Shim Dong-woon, vice-captain Cho Seong-wook and Jeong Han-min “will present a promotion”

As the captain, Shim Dong-woon, who joined last season, has newly taken over as the team’s captain. The vice-captains are Cho Seong-wook and Jeong Han-min.

Shim Dong-woon was from Hansol Elementary School and Pungsaeng Middle School in Seongnam. He joined Seongnam during the last season and played a big role in the team with his unique speed and breakthrough. As a veteran player who has played 306 games in his career, he is highly trusted by coach Lee Ki-hyung and coaching staff for his understanding of training and getting along well with his teammates. 메이저사이트

Cho Seong-wook showed fighting spirit and sincerity and was selected as the right person to play the role of a bridge that can unite new players and existing players. Jeong Han-min is a player who joined this season, but it is expected that he will raise the team spirit to the fullest with a spirit like a young player.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung expressed his gratitude to the former captain, “First of all, I would like to thank Kwon Soon-hyung for leading the team well with sincere and gentle charisma.” “The newly appointed Shim Dong-woon is a passionate player who jumps one step further and is a player who shows dedication to the team and can convey that spirit to his teammates. I believe,” he said, trusting.

Captain Shim Dong-woon said, “I was surprised and felt a great sense of responsibility that the coach entrusted me with the important responsibility of being captain. I will do my best,” he said, reaffirming his determination for the new season.

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