‘Sluggish ahead of FA → Declaration of redemption’ The winning catcher’s promise to revive… “I am confident this year”

“I’m thinking ‘I can do it’. This year, I think I’ve gained some confidence. 안전놀이터

” joined in Lee Jae-won, who was active only in SK, has been active as the main catcher for the past few years. He recorded 134 hits in 407 at-bats in the 2018 season, 17 home runs, 57 RBIs, a batting average of 0.329 OPS and 0.918.

However, Lee Jae-won fell into sluggishness after that. Last season, he went 47-for-234 with 4 home runs and 28 RBIs with a batting average of .201 and an OPS of .574. It was the worst season after the 2020 season. At that time, his performance was a batting average of 0.185 OPS and 0.514. Lee Jae-won was eligible for free agency after this season, but Lee Jae-won did not apply for free agency and chose to stay.

Lee Jae-won cited mental problems as the reason for his poor performance last season. Lee Jae-won, who met with reporters at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida on the 12th (Korean time), said, “Last year, my mentality completely collapsed. The biggest thing is that others say ‘I’m fine’, but I’m not okay. I’m anxious. Others say ‘I’m better’ or ‘I can do it’, but I myself was ‘insecure’ and I wasn’t sure.”

However, as he prepared for this season, he revealed that he felt better mentally. Lee Jae-won said, “It’s a little different now. I’m thinking ‘I can do it’. This year, I seem to have gained some confidence. “I’m looking at it positively,” he said, “I think I’ll just have to do my average.”

Four catchers participated in this spring camp. Lee Jae-won, Kim Min-sik, Lee Heung-ryeon, and Cho Hyung-woo. Some say that SSG’s catcher power is weak. Regarding this, Lee Jae-won showed confidence, “I’ve been through good things and bad things. I think stories can come out enough.”

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