Suwon, which even recruited Kim Bo-gyeong, starts the revival of the famous family

Suwon Samsung, a famous player representing the K-League, is actively reinforcing its strength in the off-season. In particular, while focusing on strengthening offense, they even recruited proven veteran midfielder Kim Bo-kyung (34).

Suwon announced on the 17th that it had signed a two-year contract with Kim Bo-kyung. Kim Bo-kyung signed the contract after completing the medical test the day before, and immediately joined Suwon’s battery training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Recruiting Kim Bo-kyung is one of the steps to restore Suwon’s pride, which was humiliated last season. Suwon lost face last season after finishing 10th in the league and falling to the promotion playoffs. In the promotion playoffs, they met FC Anyang of K League 2 and ended in a 0-0 draw in the first leg, and barely survived with Oh Hyun-gyu’s dramatic winning goal in the second half of extra time in the second leg. It was an unacceptable result for Suwon, which was called a traditional house representing the K-League. 스포츠토토

The reason for Suwon’s sluggishness was the dull spear. Suwon only scored 44 goals in 38 league matches last season. Only FC Seoul (43 goals) and Seongnam FC (37 goals) scored fewer goals than Suwon. Oh Hyun-gyu, born in 2001, created a sensation by scoring 13 goals, but that alone was not enough.

Suwon cleared Noh Dong-geon, Park Hyung-jin, Shin Won-ho, Jeong Ho-jin, foreign player Sarich, and Saito Manabu, who were recruited from the Asian quarter. And it’s filling that void. First of all, they recruited Akosti, who played for Anyang last season and became the K-League 2 assist king, and Kim Kyung-jung, who was in charge of Anyang’s side, and midfielder Bassani from Figueirancy FC in the Brazilian league on a one-year loan. He succeeded in retaining K-League 1 helper Lee Ki-je, who was rumored to be transferring.

With the addition of Kim Bo-kyung, Suwon’s offense is expected to be much better than last year. Lee Ki-je’s left foot is the best in the league, and Akosti and Kim Kyung-joong are good at whipping the opponent’s side with explosive speed. If Kim Bo-kyung and Basani coordinate their attacks well, it is worth looking forward to Suwon’s offensive power upgrade this season.

However, in order to take a point, a clear foreign striker is needed. Suwon has suffered from foreign strikers for the past two years. In particular, last season, Groning, who was the top scorer in the Danish second division league, was recruited, but Groning left Korea without posting a single attack point. From this season, the foreign player quota of K League 1 has been expanded to 5+1, including 5 players regardless of nationality and 1 Asian nationality, and the proportion of foreign players has increased even more. Suwon, which has filled three spots with Akosti, Bassani, and Bultuis, plans to confirm the recruitment of high-quality foreign strikers for the remaining period.

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