The King of Kings, it’s not easy! ‘PBA fairy’ Min-young Kim “As usual, not burdensome”

It was an interesting reverse-sweep match befitting a clash between top rankers.

On the 3rd, the first day of the LPBA round of 32 of the ‘SK Rent-A-Car PBA-LPBA World Championship’ held at JTBC Ilsan Studio was held.

In the very first match, Jinah Kim (Hana Card) – Sujeong Oh (Welcome Savings Bank), Seyeon Kim (Huons) – Minyoung Kim (Blue One Resort), Kyungjin Lim – Kyungnam Yoon, and Wookyung Lee – Ayako Sakai took part.

Faced with ‘first champion’ Kim Se-yeon, Kim Min-young sprinted fiercely with 6 high runs in the 1st set, gaining momentum first. He seemed to turn on the green light, ending the game at 11-5 after 7 innings. However, in the 2nd set, Kim Se-yeon rushed in and ended up losing in a reverse sweep.

Kim Min-young was unfortunately eliminated in the round of 16 after being defeated 2-3 in the match against Yoon Kyung-nam the previous season. This season, they are aiming for a higher place, but they do not let their opponents go easily as it is a tournament in which the top rankers are ‘all-in’. Currently, Kim Min-young’s ranking is 18th in terms of prize money. The 32 players with the highest prize money can participate in the LPBA World Championship.

Kim Min-young, who met with this magazine after the game, shamelessly conveyed her feelings about her first defeat by saying, “I’m so sorry.” He added, “I thought the first game was important, and it was fine until the first set, but suddenly it didn’t go well in the second set.

I wasn’t very lucky with the ball placement. The first set showed a refreshing long hit, but stopped in the second set. Kim Min-young said, “In the first set, the arrangement I liked continued to stand, and it went well, but from the second set, the arrangement suddenly became very difficult.”

He said that he practiced all day until the day before the competition, but was nervous and could not sleep well. He also expressed his excitement about the trip to Spain on the 23rd. Their team, Blue One Resort, won the Team League Championship and received a group tour as a gift.

Kim Min-young expressed her excitement, “There is no point in preparing a little tight because the match is right after the team league, but I think it would be better to go (travel) because the results of the World Championship were good.”

The next opponent is even stronger. A confrontation with Kim Ga-young (Hana Card), who is called the ‘defending champion’ last season and the queen of billiards, is predicted. Excluding the team league, it is the first confrontation with Kim Ga-young in the individual exhibition.

Kim Min-young said, “I always try to play as usual rather than thinking that I have to play better. 바카라

The confrontation between Kim Ga-young and Kim Min-young will be held on the 5th at 7pm. The LPBA round of 32 will be played in a best-of-three format.

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