The legend who was hardened two years ago becomes a firefighter… Lampard close to Chelsea

The club’s legendary midfielder sets out to restore honor.

British media ‘BBC’ reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Frank Lampard will return to Chelsea coaching position after two years. He will lead Chelsea until the end of the season.”

Recently, former coach Lampard took over the Everton command tower. He was sacked after less than a year as manager due to poor performance. Although they escaped the relegation crisis last season, they have been sluggish, winning 9 losses in 12 games this season.

Lampard once managed Chelsea. He showed potential as a leader at Derby County in the 2018 English Championship (Second Division), and took over as Chelsea manager in 2019. In the beginning, it seemed to produce some results, but after sluggishness, it was hardened in January 2021.

It’s time to set out to restore honor. According to the ‘BBC’, Lampard will take over the vacant Chelsea manager’s job. His term ends at the end of this season. 먹튀검증

Can a legend save a team in crisis? Chelsea are struggling this season despite the huge investment of new chairman Todd Boelli. The source of trouble was the manager who boldly fired former manager Thomas Tuchel and brought him back. Brighton & Hove Albion’s successful manager, Graham Porter, was out of sync with Chelsea. According to multiple media outlets such as the British ‘Mirror’, coach Porter has completely failed to dominate the squad.

In a turbulent atmosphere, his grades hit the bottom. Chelsea, who brought in Mihailo Mudrik and Enzo Fernandez in the winter transfer window, are currently in the mid-table, 11th in the Premier League.

First of all, Lampard started a full-fledged return by finding the home stadium directly in the match against Liverpool on the 5th. Even on the relay screen, the scene of Lampard watching the game was captured. In the match, Chelsea drew 0-0 with Liverpool after a difficult decision.

With Lampard’s reinstatement likely, Chelsea will face Wolverhampton Wanderers in a Premier League match on the 8th.

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