The true ‘eating and running’ covered by SON… “Be serious! Otherwise, you will lose your seat”

Richarlison must work hard.

Tottenham Hotspur’s offensive line this season is below expectations. Harry Kane is showing an all-time performance, but the other players who assist him are insignificant. Son Heung-min, who won the top scorer last season, has lost his destructive power, scoring only 8 goals, including the cup, and Dejan Kulusevski is also consistent with his normal appearance. Lucas Moura lost his position at all, and Brian Hill also left for rent through the winter transfer market.

Among them, Richarlison is close to the ‘worst’. I entered Tottenham ahead of this season, but I am not doing my part at all. Tottenham invested a large sum of 58 million euros (approximately 77.7 billion won) to recruit him, but to put it coldly, it is more of a ‘waste of money’. 메이저사이트

His record makes sense. This season, Richarlison is playing 18 games, including the cup, but only scored 2 goals and 3 assists. His playing time is less than 1000 minutes, and his debut goal has not yet been scored in the league. He seems to have lost his position at all after an injury against Manchester United last year.

Even after the World Cup, the situation did not change. He was only a substitute in the matches against Arsenal, Manchester City and Fulham in January. In the last game against Prester, a hamstring injury recurred and he was again excluded from the list. In the meantime, Tottenham signed Arnaud Danzuma on loan from Villarreal, and he made his debut against Preston, scoring his opening goal and receiving the passing grade.

As the sluggish performance continued, Gabriel Agbonlahor, who played for Aston Villa in the past, issued a serious warning. In a conversation with British media ‘Football Insider’, Agbonlaher said, “I think Dandjuma is a good signing. Richarlison needs a competitor. He can’t be considered the first choice on the bench.” claimed it was necessary.

“When Kulusevski, Kane, and Son Heung-min were included in the starting lineup, Richarlison would have been on the bench in a comfortable state without any competitors. He needs to be a little more serious. His performance is too low. It’s already February, “We haven’t scored a single goal in the league. It’s not enough. Injuries are no excuse.”

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