Trade 350km movement → 4th replacement appearance → timely double…RYU JI HYUK has adjusted to “Blue Blood”

Ryu Ji-hyuk (27, Samsung Lions) adjusted to “blue blood” in one game.

Samsung announced the trade ahead of the home game against the Doosan Bears at Pohang Baseball Stadium on the 5th. He made a one-on-one trade with the KIA Tigers. Catcher Kim Tae-gun was sent to KIA and infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk was recruited.

In KIA, which had a thirst for “main catcher,” Kim Tae-gun was customized. On the other hand, at the end of this season, there was no choice but to be burdened as he became an FA.

On the other hand, Samsung earned a ‘all-around infielder’. Ryu Ji-hyuk, who joined Doosan in the fourth round of the 2012 rookie draft, wore a KIA uniform as a trade in 2020.

Ryu Ji-hyuk can play all positions in the infield. Sensuous and stable defense is possible in all positions. He also energized the team by playing the role of a dugout leader.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man explained the background of the trade, saying, “We have talked about the trade with KIA manager Kim 꽁머니 Jong-kook since the spring camp in Okinawa,” adding, “A week ago, communication about the trade began to be clearly shared.”

Ryu Ji-hyuk was expected to take center stage in Samsung, which has many low-skilled players. Coach Park said, “Ryu Ji-hyuk has a lot of experience. Our team’s fielders are either young or old. “As he is of a similar age to Koo Ja-wook, he will help from the middle,” he said adding, “I think it will be a great help in hitting.” He said, “I’m a player with a lot of strengths.

Ryu Ji-hyuk was registered in Samsung’s entry on the 5th. However, starting the game was difficult.

KIA was playing three consecutive games against SSG Landers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon. Upon hearing the news of the trade, Ryu Ji-hyuk immediately moved to Pohang, where the game between Samsung and Doosan will be held. a distance of about 350 kilometers.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who arrived at Pohang Baseball Stadium just before the game, immediately prepared for the game after receiving a uniform with No. 42.

We debuted at the end of the 4th episode. In the absence of two outs and no runners, he was replaced by An Joo-hyung and pinch hitter, who were second baseman and seventh batter. His first at-bat was a grounder to second base. Ryu Ji-hyuk moved to third base.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who struck out by Kim Myung-shin in the sixth inning, reported as a spectacular Samsung player in the eighth inning. In the bottom of the eighth inning, when he was losing 3-7, he hit Park Jung-soo’s fastball at second base and hit a big ball directly to the right-center fence. Second baseman is safe and safe. Ryu Ji-hyuk settled down to second base. After that, Lee Sung-kyu scored a goal with a timely hit.

Samsung lost two consecutive games by giving up the game. a situation in which a reversal of mood is desperately needed. Ryu Ji-hyuk’s last appearance was enough to prove the reason for the trade.

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