Traded after 1 year of joining… Liverpool ‘shock’ swap deal plans

The possibility has been raised that Liverpool (England) can push for a shocking swap deal this summer. It is expected that they can start negotiations by presenting Luis Diaz (26) as a trade card to recruit Rafael Leang (23), who is playing for AC Milan (Italy).

Multiple media outlets such as Britain’s ‘The Sun’ and ‘Mirror’ said on the 1st (Korean time), “Liverpool is planning a major reorganization during the upcoming summer transfer window, and as part of that, they want to bring in Leão.” You can try a swap deal by using as a trade card.”

Unlike previous years, Liverpool is having a difficult season due to sluggish performance, and is pushing for a major squad reorganization after giving up the competition for the title early. In particular, as the destructive power in the front is not the same as before, while they want to reinforce the attacking team, they are interested in the ‘divine’ Leang, who recently represents the European stage.

However, Liverpool are expected to face difficulties in recruiting new players due to parent company Fenway Sports Group (FSG) running the club in a ‘self-sufficient’ way, and recent reluctance to invest.

Moreover, as the stock price soared, such as Leang being nominated for recruitment by a number of big clubs, the transfer allowed amount (buyout) was set at a whopping 150 million euros (approximately 210 billion won), so it is not easy to step out. In order to lower the transfer fee, they plan to promote a swap deal by including Diaz as a trade card.

‘The Sun’ added, “Director Jurgen Klopp (55, Germany) prefers Le Ang,” adding, “Sensational exchanges may occur between Liverpool and AC Milan this summer.” If a shocking swap deal is struck, Diaz will leave Anfield after a year and a half of joining. 온라인카지노

Meanwhile, according to Transfer Markt, a media specializing in the transfer market, Le Ang’s market value is 85 million euros (approximately 119 billion won). On the other hand, Diaz’s market value is 75 million euros (approximately 105 billion won). There is a difference of about 10 million euros (about 14 billion won).

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