Tragedy of ‘Otani Competitor’, Home Run Derby 50 shots → Injury → All-Star Game Fails…Opened in the second half of the season is uncertain

Is it too much for the All-Star Game Home Run Derby. As the injury came after the home run derby, a sad scene was created that he could not play in the All-Star Game.

Louis Robert Jr. (26), a right-handed 토토 가입머니 slugger of the Chicago White Sox, participated in the 2023 Major League All-Star Game Home Run Derby held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington on the 11th (Korea Standard Time).

Robert Jr. faced Adley Rutchman of the Baltimore Orioles in the first round and hit 28 home runs to beat the Rutchman, who had 27 left, by one to advance to the second round. Robert Jr.’s second-round opponent is Randy Arozarena of the Tampa Bay Rays. Robert Jr. also showed his power to hit 22 home runs in the second round, but failed to advance to the finals as Arozarena exploded 35 home runs.

Arrozarena, who beat Robert Jr. to reach the final, hit 23 home runs in the final, but had to settle for second place after falling behind Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays, who exploded 25 home runs. Following his father Vladimir Guerrero’s victory in 2007, Guerrero Jr. made a new history of winning the Major League All-Star Game Home Run Derby for the first time in history.

Robert Jr. had to play in the 2023 Major League All-Star Game held at the same venue on the 12th as scheduled, but had to give up due to a sudden injury.

On the same day, the White Sox club said, “Robert Jr. injured his calf after finishing the home run derby. “Robert Jr., who had an MRI scan in Seattle, decided not to play in the All-Star Game and will be checked again before his first game of the second half in Atlanta,” he said. Therefore, it is not yet known whether Robert Jr. will be able to play from the first game of the second half.

Robert Jr.’s first half was ecstatic. Robert Jr., who has a batting average of .271 26 home runs, 51 RBIs and eight steals, is ranked second in the American League home run category, following Shohei Ohtani (32 home runs) of the No. 1 Los Angeles Angels.

Robert Jr., who made his major league debut with the White Sox in 2020, played in 56 games that year and had a batting average.He left 233 11 home runs, 31 RBIs and 20 steals, followed by a batting average of .338 13 home runs, 43 RBIs and 14 steals in 2021, and a batting average of .284 12 home runs, 56 RBIs and 17 steals last year. This year, he is already showing the pace of achieving personal career high in home runs and hitting 46 home runs.

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