‘Transfer rumor’ Kim Min-jae joins Nonsan… Past soccer stars enlisted?

South Korean defender Kim Min-jae (27-Napoli) has taken off his soccer jersey and changed into a military uniform.

Kim joined the army training center in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do on the afternoon of the 15th. On this day, Kim did not say goodbye and headed straight to the training center with his vehicle. Kim will undergo basic military training until July 5. He was exempted from military service after winning a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. If he wins a gold medal at the Asian Games, he will serve as an arts and sports officer.

Kim will have to undergo three weeks of basic military training and complete 544 hours of service while competing in the sport for 34 months. When his enlistment date was confirmed late last month, he was dropped from Jürgen Klinsmann’s A team roster.

The enlistment of national team players attracts the attention of soccer fans. The sight of a player with a different hairstyle and an unfamiliar military uniform is a big deal. In the case of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, the team that made it to the quarterfinals and gained the attention of the entire nation, players such as Kim Dong-hwan, Kim Nam-il, Seol Ki-hyun, Lee Young-pyo, Park Ji-sung, and Song Jong-guk received special military service. Their enlistment was a big issue as they played so well in the tournament.

In particular, in June 2003, when he entered the Baekma Recruit Training Center in Goyang City, he cut his long hair short. The difference was noticeable because he had long hair until a friendly match just before his enlistment.

Overseas soccer fans are also interested in the enlistment of Korean players. In particular, Son Heung-min, who joined the Jeju Marine Corps Training Center in April 2020, became a hot topic among overseas fans. When Son’s short hair was revealed on social media (SNS) at the time, overseas fans wrote comments such as “Please come back healthy” and worried about his safety. Prior to his enlistment, ESPN reported that “Son Heung-min will be exposed to tear gas”.

At the time, Heung-min excelled in training and was awarded the “must-win” prize. A military official explained, “Son Heung-min earned good marks in his squad leader duties and excelled in shooting, individual combat, and firefighting drills.”

Now, soccer fans are turning their attention to Kim Min-jae. Kim starred in the 2022-23 Italian Serie A, leading his team to the title and winning the league’s best defender award. After the season, he became the center of attention in the transfer market, receiving offers from big clubs such as Manchester United (England) and Bayern Munich (Germany).

Furthermore, it was reported that he has a buyout clause that kicks in two weeks from July 1, fueling the transfer speculation. In fact, the German kicker reported on July 15 that “Kim Min-jae’s buyout is only 50 million euros ($69 billion).” The relatively low buyout amount opened the door for Kim to negotiate with multiple clubs. However, with three weeks of basic military training ahead of him, it’s unlikely that negotiations will take place until after his release. 메이저사이트

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