UFC Jeong Da-woon “I will tell you the pain of breathing”… Clark: “I had a little bit of hatred”

The fist of Jung Da-un (30, Korean Top Team), who is the only one in Korea active in the UFC heavyweight division, aims at Devin Clark (33, USA).

Daun Jung and Clark will face off in a light heavyweight match at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th (Korean time).

Jeong Da-un, who worked hard to strengthen his physical strength ahead of the match, announced on the 3rd, “I will tell you what breathing pain is.”

Jung Da-un revealed his strategy, “Since the opponent seems to be good at wrestling, I paid attention to defense, and since he seemed to have a weakness for escape, I practiced pressing and pounding from above.”

In particular, targeting Clark, an opponent who is good at wrestling, “I will draw a picture that will end with a pounding on the ground. I will make you feel the pain of being short of breath. My opponent lacks the ability to escape, so if I press on him, his stamina will be exhausted.” did.

Jung Da-un, who made his UFC debut in 2019, continued his undefeated streak in five consecutive matches, and then fell on the ‘bottom’ of the Octagon for the first time with a KO in the first round against Dustin Jacobi (36, USA) in July of last year.

Jung Da-un, who was frustrated at the threshold of entering Asia’s first UFC light heavyweight ranking (15th), is well aware of the importance of his first comeback fight against Clark after a loss.

He said, “Looking back, I think I was arrogant. I forgot the basics. I narrowed the distance too recklessly, which eventually led to defeat.”

Jung Da-un’s opponent, Clark, is a former NJCAA amateur wrestling champion, and his strong takedown is his strength.

In an interview with Yonhap News, Clark said, “Jung Da-un is a player with equal abilities in all fields, but he will not be stronger than me.”

In the confrontation between Jung Da-un, whose strength is batting, and Clark, who is armed with wrestling, the winner is the distance between the two fighters.

Clarke revealed the strategy, “I will be able to break through Jung Da-un’s reach and attack inside.”

Clarke has a history of fighting and finishing fights despite serious injuries that will go down in UFC history. 먹튀검증

In the 2021 match against Ion Kutelava (30, Moldova), his opponent’s knee kick hit him on the side of his mouth, and his gums were pushed to the area of ​​his tongue.

Even in such a situation, Clark went to the hospital after finishing the fight in the third round and received first aid.

Clark explained, “I was able to keep fighting. My favorite phrase is, ‘Are you hurt or are you sick?’ As my father taught me, if it hurts, I try to keep moving forward.”

Clark’s ring name is ‘Brown Bear’.

Even though he is ferocious like a bear in the arena, he usually behaves like a teddy bear.

‘The Gentleman of the Octagon’ Clarke warned Daun Jung that “it would be good to come out in the best shape.”

He said, “It will be a good game. After the game, I think we will be good friends.”

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