Wando-gun’s first Jeonnam Sports Festival held… Choi Kyung-joo’s golf shot ignited

The first torch relay began to announce the start of the 62nd Jeollanam-do Sports Festival (May 12-15) and the 31st Jeollanam-do Sports Festival for the Disabled (May 24-26), which were held for the first time since Seolgun, Wando-gun.

At 9 a.m. on the 11th, at the historic site of Cheonghaejin, Jangdo, Jangdo, a torch lighting ceremony was held with the participation of Gwan Choheon (Governor), Gwan Aheon (Chairman of the county council), Gwan Jongheon (Wando Education Center), and seven fairies lighting the torch.

The lit torch continues with a successful relay, and on the 11th and 12th, 144 relay runners from 12 towns and villages in the jurisdiction runners’ relays, vehicle relays, and ship relays go hand in hand, illuminating various parts of Wando.

The ignition of the torch was decided by Choi Gyeong-ju, a world-class professional golfer born in Wando. Pro Choi was scheduled to be absent as he is currently staying in the United States and has a busy schedule, but it is known that he canceled all his schedules and returned to Korea. Pro Choi plans to ignite it with a golf shot.

The Jeonnam Sports Festival will be held in 24 sports, including track and field and soccer, and the Jeonnam Paralympic Games will be held in 21 sports, including goalball and lawnball, at 30 stadiums.

During the event, 11,000 athletes (6,000 conductors, 5,000 conductors) from 22 cities and counties are expected to participate and 24,000 spectators (athletes’ families and tourists) will visit Wando.

Governor Shin Woo-cheol said, “In the meantime, our Wando has achieved remarkable results thanks to the power of the people and local residents. In particular, from May, it is an important time to show the value and future of Wando, which contains everything in marine and fisheries.” Let’s become one team in the name of “Let’s show the charm of Wando to the fullest at the Jeonnam Sports Festival.”

Looking at the major games, in the case of kendo, pre-matches have been held at Nohwa High School gymnasium since the 8th, with golf (Yeongam Acro cc), bowling (Haenam bowling alley), shooting (Naju Shooting Range), and track and field discus (Mokpo Throwing Stadium). In the case of the event, it is held outside due to insufficient facilities, and the remaining events are held within the jurisdiction.

The opening ceremony will be held on the 12th at 5:00 pm at the public playground. Starting with a drum dance performance by the Garipo Performance Troupe, it will end with the lighting of the torch at the entrance of the athletes, and congratulatory performances by Jang Min-ho and Song Ga-in.

The closing ceremony will conclude with the final soccer match held at the public playground at 1:00 pm on Monday, the 15th, the last game of this sports festival, and the general award ceremony at the Cheonghaejin Sports Center at 4:00 pm on the same day, ending with the torch extinguishing.

Concerns about lodging and parking problems

are concerns about accommodation and parking during the sports festival. Resident A said, “There were many residents who complained of inconvenience due to parking problems during the Jangbogo Seafood Festival. While people were staying in Wando, in the case of the Jaekyung Wando County Homecoming Association, the difficulties were so great that they decided to find accommodation outside the military.”

Regarding this, Choi Gwang-yoon, director of the Sports Promotion Department, who is the head of the relevant department, said, “We plan to secure 14 temporary parking lots during the sports festival and operate 6 shuttle buses on 3 routes. It’s secured,” he said. 토스카지노

Wando-gun expects that the afternoon of the opening ceremony held on the 12th will be the most congested, and the policy is to completely control the roads next to the river from Wando District to Sogayong-ri 4th Street, and to provide parking lots in the sports park for city and county athletes, executives, and invitees. am.

The use of the parking lot in the sports park is planned to be designated and operated as a one-way street from the Wando-eup district to the parking tower and the entrance to the Farmers and Fishers Culture and Sports Center.

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