Will the Russell Westbrook trade finally happen? Lakers-Minnesota-Utah triangle trade. Why is Minnesota selling Russell as D’Angelo?

Westbrook has a player option for next season. It is the right for Westbrook to decide whether to transfer or remain. His annual salary is a whopping $47.1 million. He earns more than LeBron James. This is the team’s highest salary.

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook is evaluated as a gyereuk. He has been very active as the ace of the LA Lakers bench this season. He’s relieved of his regrets, but still falls short of his astronomical annual salary. 온라인카지노

The Los Angeles Lakers have consistently pushed for Westbrook’s trade. However, the difficulty is too high to succeed. Westbrook’s declining skills and astronomical annual salary are the biggest obstacles. Because of this, the LA Lakers and Westbrook chose ‘uncomfortable cohabitation’ this season. Director Davin Hamm’s exquisite mercenary skills have put Westbrook up as a bench ace, but he still needs a trade.

The Athletic said on the 9th (Korean time), ‘LA Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Utah Jazz are pursuing a triangle trade. At the center is Russell Westbrook.”

He added, “We are pursuing a triangle trade to send Westbrook to the Utah Jazz and Minnesota’s starting point guard D’Angelo Russell to the Los Angeles Lakers.”

First of all, the LA Lakers are sending Westbrook to Utah. Adds 1 first pick and 2nd pick in the rookie draft. Details are under negotiation. Utah secures the rookie draft while taking on Westbrook’s salary. Minnesota secures one draft pick from the Los Angeles Lakers and Mike Conley from Utah. D’Angelo Russell is sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Utah could also send Jared Vanderbilt and Malik Beasley to the Los Angeles Lakers. Specific terms are under negotiation.

In Minnesota, the growth of ace Anthony Edwards is steep. D’Angelo Russell has the highest market value at this point. Because of this, it is necessary to deal with Russell with D’Angelo. Here, we are drawing a scenario to revive Rudy Gobert by bringing in a veteran point guard.

Utah can also handle Vanderbilt and Beasley along with securing the rookie pick. Utah has declared a rebuilding, but this season Jordan Clarkson, Rory Makkanen, Malik Beasley, and Jared Vanderbilt are showing better-than-expected performances, raising the market value. Therefore, it is necessary to handle overlapping resources. Because it is a triangular trade in which each person’s interests are aligned, the probability of success is high.

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