You need to have this kind of grit… Helmet Furious, Hopes of Samsung Rebound From ‘Preliminary National University’ Leadoff

The Samsung-KIA match held at Pohang Baseball Stadium on the 3rd.

Two teams with 1 win and 1 loss. Today was the final of the midweek series.

The batting lines of both teams came up as hot as the heatwave in the second half. On this day, a fierce strike battle was held without concessions.

Samsung allowed a 4-9 turnaround with 6 runs in the top of the 6th inning. There was no giving up.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, Kang Han-wool Lee Jae-hyeon and Kim Tae-hoon got a chance with 3 hits in a row.

KIA hurriedly put Lee Jun-young, the left-hander, on the mound. Kim Dong-jin was treated as a floating ball. 1 company full base.

He persistently bet on top hitter Kim Hyeon-jun in a slider game. I pulled the slider on the 8th pitch, but it was a ground ball to 1st base. The runner on third base rushing home was forced out.

Upon reaching first base, Kim Hyun-joon took off his helmet and slammed it on the ground several times, expressing his regret. It was a helmet that could withstand a 150 km ball, so it did not break. Kim Hyeon-joon held his knees with both hands and let out a rough sigh while the pitcher changed to Jang Hyeon-sik, as if his anger was not resolved.

On the 6th, against Daegu LG 꽁머니지급. I met Kim Hyun-joon before the game. I asked the reason for the extreme anger.

“I should have hit, but if I don’t hit, I always get angry with myself.”

pure and graceful appearance. It is the essence of reversal. The desire to win is burning brightly. You can tell just by looking at his striking style.

He hits so softly, but Kim Hyun-joon is at war with the opposing pitcher at every turn.

“Unlike last year, I’m trying to hit any ball. Even bad balls are a little out of hand, but it’s unfair if I give a strike to a similar ball, an ambiguous ball, or a ball. I’m going to do it actively with the confidence that I can make a hit, whether it’s a ball or not.”

The stage of the 1st team, which only joined on May 19th due to a fracture of the canopy bone that seemed like a thunderbolt before the season.

It is hot with a batting average of .343 in the second half as if to relieve regret. Kim Hyun-joon’s greatest strength is his ability to quickly adapt to any pitcher or any unfamiliar ball with a soft batting form.

His wide range of defense has evolved this season. The moment the batted ball starts, the first start is the best in the league. Arrive at the falling ball point in advance and catch it comfortably. A fast-footed player with a wide range of uses.

He is a preliminary candidate for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team to replace Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, who had to be replaced due to an unexpected injury.

Over the weekend, national team coach Ryu Joong-il visited Lions Park and closely watched Kim Hyun-joon’s play from the stands. Opponent team LG is already full of 3 people who are selected for the national team.

In this game, the only player Ryu needed to look out for was Kim Hyeon-jun. At that time, I made sure to take a snow stamp with a multi-hit and a series of lake rains. “I didn’t know (director Ryu) was here. I found out later after watching the broadcast.”

Samsung coach Park Jin-man also praised him, saying, “Kim Hyun-joon swings on his own this season even with unfavorable ball counts. The defense has become more relaxed and comfortable.”

A lead-off outfielder who has accumulated experience since last year and added grit. Now, he has grown rapidly into a key player who leads Samsung beyond the starting lineup. It is the hope of Samsung Baseball and Korean Baseball, which are aiming for a dramatic rebound in the second half, of course.

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